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Managed Security Services

While most security technologies play a defensive role and are reactive in nature, regular and consistent vulnerability scanning should be a proactive and vital part of your vulnerability risk management program. Oman Data Park has designed its vulnerability management services to proactively identify where vulnerabilities may exist on your network from either an internal or external perspective. Service Benefits:

  • Identify the real, exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Supplement your team with dedicated vulnerability management experts
  • Stay protected and take action against vulnerabilities
  • Access information security experts 24x7
  • Create a total network security and compliance solution by combining with other Managed Security Services
Service Features:
  • Highly accurate internal and external vulnerability scanning
  • Supports physical, cloud and virtual infrastructure
  • Dedicated vulnerability management team provides expert guidance and support
  • Policy and compliance scanning to satisfy PCI, HIPAA, and NERC CIP requirements
  • 24x7x365 expert support by certified security analysts
Service Offerings:

External Vulnerability Assessment:
Oman Data Park Security Operation Centre will carry out monthly black box vulnerability assessment on the host Public IP address and provide the assessment report with the remediation plan. The reports can be also customized to certain compliance requirements and can also be in compliance with PCI-ASV.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment:
Oman Data Park Security Operation Centre will carry out monthly internal white hat and grey hat vulnerability assessment on the private IP address and provide the security assessment report with the remediation plan.

Application Security Scanning:
Oman Data Park Security Operation Centre will carry out monthly application security scanning whether its white hat or black hat based on the requirement and issue a report with the remediation plan. Oman Data Park Security Operation Centre will ensure compliance with OWASP and other industry leading standards based on clients requirement.

Security devices management services deliver top notch technical support and management services along with robust security monitoring. Our Security devices services can support a small or medium sized business as well as extend to an enterprise that is technologically complex. Our offerings are at different price levels provide customizable options for support, UTM firewall or blade features governed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Service Benefits:

  • 24x7 Technical Support - With multiple certified security and firewall engineers, we can provide immediate on-call and after-hours assistance.
  • Compliance & Reporting - We can help you meet and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements by providing you instantly available firewall and security reports that IT staff does not have time to collect, manage, or maintain.
  • Expertise & Staffing - Our 24x7 Security Monitoring operations extends the IT security capability of your support staff and frees them up to do more important tasks such as focusing on the primary support needs.
  • Affordable - By leveraging our “Security-as-a-Service” delivery platform, we can lower your management and maintenance costs. This can include bundling the hardware and software as part of the package, hosting the management server or extending the lifespan of the product that you already own.
  • ROI - Ensure that you are receiving the full protection capability that your firewall offers through timely security updates, regular maintenance, and constant security monitoring.
  • Co-Management - We offer the ability to work together as a team and share the management responsibilities of the firewall policy changes, at times acting in the lead role or in other scenarios acting in a secondary, backup role.
Service Offerings:
  • Technical Support (Coverage 8x5 or 24x7x365)
  • SLA Based Response
  • Emergency Spares Coordination & Warranty Replacement
  • Cloud-Based Hosted Management Server
  • Maintenance Updates, Patches
  • Firewall VPN Monitoring
  • Standard Firewall Reporting
  • Security Event Log analysis
  • Firewall Administration
  • IPS Security devices
  • Event Correlation
  • Enhanced Reporting Package
  • Post Change Firewall Rules Review
  • Full UTM Firewall Blade/Module Feature Support (AV, DLP, etc.)
  • Forensic Log Analysis
  • UTM Firewall Support

Our email security delivers always-on, inbound and outbound messaging security, with effective and accurate antimalware, antispam, content filtering and email encryption services from a global cloud platform. It is designed to provide 100% protection against known and unknown email viruses and have a 99% spam capture rate (95% for emails with double byte characters), as defined in the SLA. Our Email Security loud helps protect organizations from email-borne viruses, malware, spam, phishing, targeted attacks and bulk email, reducing the complexities of on-site technology.

Managed Endpoint Protection Services deliver enhanced prevention against threats by combining endpoint protection solutions with 24x7 remote monitoring and onsite management by security experts. Organizations benefit from increased protection, improved regulatory compliance and improved productivity thus allowing IT staff to focus on strategic business initiatives. These services deliver a consistent global service based on proactive, proven best practices, world class technology infrastructure and security while adhering to strict Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Service Benefits:
  • Comprehensive endpoint protection
  • Remote 24x7 monitoring
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improved prevention
  • Allows IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection monitoring and management