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Managed Support Services

Data Center's Monitoring Services provide end-to-end proactive monitoring of customer's hosted servers, network equipment and applications. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are used in ODP Data Center where the best practices have also been adopted.

Several monitoring tools are used by the Network Operation Center (NOC) enabling proactive fault management, performance management and problems root-cause analysis.

Our operations and support team is comprised of highly skilled staff with superior technical expertise and multiple vendor and non-vendor certification. They are proactively monitoring your business critical services.

Ensuring the best services offered to its clients.

Service Features:

  • 24x7x365 service coverage
  • Improved operational efficiency with an unified view of the whole network
  • monitoring, dashboards, alerting and reporting for multi-vendor devices and platforms
  • Dedicated support team provides expert guidance and support
  • SOPs used by the support team
  • Ticketing system

Network Monitoring

  • Network equipment health and reachability
  • SNMP collects and traps
Operating Systems Monitoring
  • Processes and services
  • Events and error log
Applications Monitoring
  • Application key parameters and error logs
  • Database Monitoring
  • Active Directory Monitoring
  • Application processes, services availability
  • Application response time
Hardware Monitoring
  • System IP reachability
  • LAN cards and Interfaces status
  • CPU, Memory, Disk Space utilization
External IP and URL monitoring
  • Single URL access from 5 geographically different locations (USA, Europe, Asia and Australia)
  • Frequent Availability and response time measurements
  • Alarms are set when response time exceeds a preset limit
  • Alarms analysis and problem isolation


  • Monthly operations reports
  • On demand additional reports

Fault handling and service agreement

  • Predefined fault severity
  • Customer notification and escalation
  • Monitoring points associated with standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Corrective actions according to standard operating procedures (SOPs)